Thursday, September 08, 2016

Star Trek; The 50th Anniversary

Today, 8th September 2016, is exactly 50 years since the first episode of The Original Series was aired on TV, and it’s a big day for nerds and Trekkies alike.

There’s a new series coming out, Star Trek: Discovery, in early 2017 – and it has been promised that it’ll live up to the previous televised series’ and astonish us.

Unfortunately, Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin aren’t here to celebrate the day with us, but 6 Seasons, 13 films and many crews later, here we are 50 years since it all began. Star Trek is undoubtedly the most successful long-running franchises of all time.

21 Best Moments From 50 Years Of Star Trek

1. The First Interracial Kiss 

One of the biggest events in TV history, the first interracial kiss, shared by Cptn Kirk and Uhura

2. Data With His Cat

3. Data And His Emotion Chip

Data finds everything funny after having his Emotion chip activated, it's hilarious, he even swears at one point, Data is, by far, my favourite character.

4. Captain Jean Luc Picard As Locutus Of Borg


5. When Sulu Was Revealed As Gay

Read more about this HERE

6. Sulu's Five Minutes In The Spotlight As Captain

He is an extremely intimidating Captain

7. Picard Wakes Up With Q

Picard awakes in bed next to Q who says "Good morning darling"

8. Past And Present Spock Meet

This isn't mind boggling, at all, totally doesn't screw with the space/time continuum

9. Picard Gives Everyone The Finger

And every time he facepalms. He makes the funniest faces.

10. Kirk Gets Some Furry Friends (Tribbles)

He was so enjoying this


12. Picard As A Detective

Dixon Hill - Everyone's favourite detective, Data also joins in on the Holodeck every now and again

13. Picard Plays The Flute

14. Every Poker Game Ever Played

15. Cochran Meets The Vulcans (First Contact)

Read more about first contact HERE

16. Spocks Death

Simultaneously the most devestating and most heroic act in all of Star Trek history

17. Every Time Bones Challenges Spock

Friendship goals

18. Young Capt Picard

When Picard gets turned into a child (he reminded me a bit of Wesley Crusher) and has a hard time maintaining his status as an authority figure, he gets extremely angry and throws a tantrum, and Riker acts as a 'Dad' for him.

19. Women Power

This sassy scene from the first episode of The Original Series

20. T'pol And Trip

It took them a few seasons to get together but they finally did

21. Wesley Crusher Takes Over The Enterprise

"You mean I'm drunk?! I feel strange, but also good!"

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