Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Inequality And Separation In New Look

My friend Eva, alerted me to a very real situation, I was already aware of the social conformity of 'perfection' but I never knew that people were being cast out on this level!

There are many organisations that fight for equality, but I think one of the most important are those who are against social alienation. In New Look, they have a whole different section for people considered as 'Plus Size'. For a start how much of a confidence boost is it knowing that clothing brands refer to you as 'plus size'? Those considered 'plus size; have to go to a whole section of the store, the clothes are the same, just larger sizes, why can't they just be kept in the same place as those of what New Look seem to view as a 'Normal Size'. Having a whole different section, makes people feel like they are different, and shouldn't be shopping with other people, in the same section. This isn't right, they're being discriminative towards those who need larger clothing.

The Original Post Off Eva's Instagram

"This honestly has to be said and if any one disagrees, please unfollow me [and]  review how you live your life.
My rant starts when I went to the shop New Look. New Look has two floors and on the top floor they have a 'plus size' range of clothes. After looking at the at the 'plus size' range of clothes and realised they were the same clothes which I had seen down stairs. The only difference was the size. 
I don't understand why new look are separating the clothes when they exactly the same style.
We, as a Society wonders why people feel bad about their bodies, it's because shops like new look are singling out certain bodies types and making them feel abnormal. 
News flash : everyone was born in different shapes and sizes and no one should feel excluded or less than perfect in their on body. By separating the 'plus size' from the 'average size 'clothes it's discriminating a larger part of our society.
No one can change the body they were born into, and no body should be made to feel ashamed of who they are. Rant over. @newlookfashion
Also creds to @quinn2772 for making this grammatically possible xx" - Eva

There was a petition on Change.org for Seventeen magazine to use unedited pictures of 'real girls' in their spreads, and not images of starving models so girls don't feel like they have to look this way.

The store gap were also charging $10-$15 more for women in plus sized jeans to 'cover the cost of material', yet mens jeans are all the same price - no matter the size. Read the petition Here.

Teenagers also had to 'Battle Via Petition' for the clothing store Zara to carry plus-sized clothing.

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