Monday, October 16, 2017

Cleagreen 14/10/17

Venue; Rebellion Rock Bar, Manchester
Status; Sold-Out

Cleargreen are an up-and-coming four-piece indie rock band from Manchester who first shot onto the radar with their hit single 'Burnsey'. With vocals and guitar from Ali Staley, Jack Blair on lead guitar, Tyrone Heeley with drums, and Liam McIver on bass - supported by Sollo and Sauce - and a sold-out headline gig, these guys never fail to disappoint. Cleargreen cast a wide net and caught a wide variety of fans, of all age groups, all of whom joined together to sing along to the guy's catchy lyrics.

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Neighbourhood Festival 2017

Me n the gals
Click here to see the full line up and set times
Neighbourhood Festival 2016 was absolutely insane (I still have the wristband on - oops) - and not all the good kind. It was infuriatingly busy and I couldn't get in to see all the bands that I wanted to (The Pigeon Detectives and Liam Fray's acoustic set), my only hope was that this year would be a little more organised, and that I'd get to see everyone that I wanted to.

The bands I set out to see were;

Oddity Road
No Hot Ashes
Black Honey
The Big Moon
Declan Mckenna

Friday, October 06, 2017

Wolf Alice Signing 05/10/17

Ellie is such a lil bean I love her

Venue; HMV Manchester

Status; Sold Out

aka. the best day of my life
aka. the day met my favourite band
aka the day I confronted the guys about why they never play my favourite song in their live shows

Wolf Alice. If you're never heard their name, where have you been for the past few years? Their eclectic guitar riffs and flitting between grunge and folk have hypnotized a generation, and by god are they wonderful. This quartet are the best indie band to come out of the 21st Century by a long shot, I couldn't live without them.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

King No-One and Raffer 22/09/17

Left to right;
Alex, Zach, Me, Alana, Joe and James
Venue; Manchester Gorilla
Capacity; 650
Status; Sold Out !!!

It's very rare that I'd go to a concert again after having seen the band(s) once previous, to me - it's a bit like seeing the same movie twice, it loses it's magic - but I would gladly relive this night a thousand times over, and if I ever get the chance, I'll definitely get myself down to another one of King No-One or Raffer's gigs.

Raffer's Set;

Raffer absolutely took the stage by storm, and this being the biggest venue played thus far - it is definitely a night to remember by both the band and the fans alike. Raffer fearlessly tested out new tunes on the Mancunian crowd and was met with definite cheers of approval and enthusiasm. With his last song 'How You Lay' Raffer got the entire crowd jumping up and down, waving their arms around, screaming and moshing to his catchy guitar riffs and undeniably magical lyrics.

Monday, September 18, 2017

An Ode To Destroying Beauty Standards

A world without beauty standards is a world without low self esteem

I can in no way pretend that I have some sort of moral high-ground when it comes to the subject matter at hand - because I don't. I earn a living by working within in the fashion industry, every weekend I find myself in the heart and soul of everything that I stand against, and it makes me feel so hypocritical - but it's the only job that I could get and I have to have work experience to boost my CV and University Application. Being employed within the retail world has really opened my eyes and made me realise a number of things;

A) We force radical notions and expectations onto young girls from the age of one - we may not think twice about it, but advertising 'skinny jeans' to young girls plants an idea in their heads that they must look skinny, but clothes which makes them appear as such - to be beautiful, which can lead to self-confidence issues when they're older and that isn't something that I think the fashion industry should be promoting.

Don't conform to unhealthy beauty standards!