Friday, May 05, 2017

Will Joseph Cook 04/05/17

Pretty in pink; Will playing guitar
Will's debut album 'Sweet Dreamer' was released on the 14/04/17, rife with an indie aura and melodic guitar riffs, this album is the headline of his most current tour. Last night he took to Manchester Sound Control with his support act Ten Tonnes, to play an intimate, idyllic gig to countless fans.
Ten Tonnes

Album Tracklist;

1. biggest fan
2. sweet dreamer
3. treat me like a lover
4. plastic
5. beach (i wanna make you mine)
6. alive
7. girls like me
8. hands
9. habit
10. light of day
11. take me dancing
12. for thursday
13. water's gone cold

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Blaenavon 11/04/17

Front-Man Ben (left) and Frank on the keyboard (right)

Blaeners are an indie trio from Hampshire, consisting of frontman Ben, drummer Harris, and bassist Frank. After a plethora of singles and EP's under their belt, Blaenavon's debut album 'That's Your Lot' was released on the 7th of April, you can order it on their online store.


1. Take Care
2. Let's Play
3. Orthodox Man
4. My Bark Is Your Bite
5. Lonely Side
6. Let Me See What Happens Next
7. Alice Come Home
8. Ode To Joe
9. I Will Be The World
10. Prague '99
11. Swans
12. That's Your Lot

Friday, April 14, 2017

The Seamonsters: New Single

I did a post about these girls in July of last year, and since then they have played at festivals Tramlines and Outlines, and are currently playing a few venues in the coming months around the UK;

14/04/17 - Lead Mill Sheffield - Free Entry
06/05/17 - Nottingham  The Bodega Social Club - £7
16/05/17 - The Rocking Chair Sheffield - £6

Their new single 'Lost and Found' is an eclectic summer tune rife with angelic voices and catchy guitar lines, with an overlying dreamy feel.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Big Moon 10/04/17

Meet and Greet at Fopp Records Store in Manchester

The Big Moon are a quaint all-female indie quartet from the UK, consisting of members - Fern, Soph (who is also the front woman of another band - Our Girl), Juliette and Celia (Instagram).

Signed poster and 'setlist'
Before their meet&greet they performed a small intimate set, which was adorably informal (they asked everyone to sit on the floor so the people at the back could see), they were giggling with each other, talking to the audience, acoustic sets have a much better atmosphere than concerts.

Set List;

1. Silent Movie Susie
2. The Road
3. Cupid
4. Pull The Other One
5. The End
6. Formidable
7. Happy New Year
8. Sucker

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Neighbourhood Festival 8/10/16

In it's first year, brand new indie Festival sold-out and stormed the streets of Manchester. You can subscribe for early bird tickets for NBHD 2017 here.

Despite there being over 100 acts, I only managed to see a handful, the queues for the venues were horrendous and they sold way too many tickets, Liam Fray (who I wanted to see most) was full up 2 hours before doors even opened - at which point I was enjoying Blossoms whom I'd queued for for well over an hour. If you go next year, get in early for the acts you wanna see.

You can see the full line up from this years festival here.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Star Trek; The 50th Anniversary

Today, 8th September 2016, is exactly 50 years since the first episode of The Original Series was aired on TV, and it’s a big day for nerds and Trekkies alike.

There’s a new series coming out, Star Trek: Discovery, in early 2017 – and it has been promised that it’ll live up to the previous televised series’ and astonish us.

Unfortunately, Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin aren’t here to celebrate the day with us, but 6 Seasons, 13 films and many crews later, here we are 50 years since it all began. Star Trek is undoubtedly the most successful long-running franchises of all time.

21 Best Moments From 50 Years Of Star Trek

1. The First Interracial Kiss 

One of the biggest events in TV history, the first interracial kiss, shared by Cptn Kirk and Uhura

Sunday, September 04, 2016

John Rylands Library

Vintage Vases and Bottles in the Shop
aka the most beautiful building in Manchester. Like seriously. It's basically a museum on the first few floors, with a cute lil shop and cafe on the ground. The highest floor (that you're allowed on) is the reading room, you can sit, bring a laptop, study there, and theres huge books in display cases. It'd also be the perfect place to base GCSE Art and Photography projects on.

On the first floor, there's rooms just filled with books, dating hundreds of years back, theres even fragments of papyrus from around 500AD.

The library actually reminded me a lot of Hogwarts, all the books, dimly lit corridors, stained glass windows and high ceilings with patterns all throughout the bricks.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

New To The Indie Scene; The Seamonsters and The Barmines

The Sea Monsters

Six Indie glitter Queens from Sheffield, formed the band 'The Seamonsters' in 2013, and this hexa of girls are prime for a UK take-over. Find them on Spotify, YouTube and their Facebook Page.

"We are The Seamonsters, a six piece, all girl, indie-techno-pop band from
Sheffield. The band consists of Naomi Mann, Lauren Smith, Holly Thompson,
Tassie Drobinski, Lydia Wood and Ciara Hurding."